specializes in test & measurement and inspection technologies; from hand-held instruments to metal detectors and checkweighers. Testar's leadership is evident in the Saudi market, where its Testo branded measurement instruments, from Germany, is the Kingdom’s market share leader in the portable measurement instruments’ market.

Testar concentrates on the following Industries:

  • Construction
  • Food Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Commercial and Domestic Applications
  • Power Industry
  • Heavy Industry

Beside the products of world leading manufacturers in their fields, we support our clients with Engineering Services and other Industrial Goods to tailor our systems to their requirements. All our solutions are net-workable and supported with use-friendly software.

offers a wide array of analysis and measuring equipments such as gas analyzer, monitoring instrument, quality tester, control unit, leak & spillage detector, fiberscope, sound & ught measuring instrument, data logger, stroboscope, calibrator, thermal hygrometer, multi-function instruments, contact & non-contact thermometer, pressure & flow measuring instrument, wind tunnel, anemometer and metal detecting conveyor, gravity feed, pipeline systems, flat sensors and software.